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Compare Real Vs Fake Rolex Watches

Replica Rolex are by far the most common replica watches on the market. There is a huge range of fake Rolexes at every price and quality level imaginable. You can find replica Rolexes that look and feel extremely authentic on the one hand, others that look like cheap toys on the other—and everything in between. The photographs below are just some examples of replica Rolexes compared to the real deal. These examples fall somewhere near the middle of the spectrum, and you can see some of the discrepancies in the replica watches that give them away as inauthentic watches.

It’s extremely important to familiarize yourself with some of the tell-tale signs of bad replica Rolexes. These side-by-side comparisons illustrate some of the common differences. It is advisable to check out our Rolex Gallery, which contains many more photos and much more documentation to help inform your ability to discern a real Rolex watch from a fake one, and a good replica from a bad one.

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